Engraving Services

Awards-Trophies-Supplier.co.uk offers two types of engraving for your awards and trophies:

Currently the charge for text engraving on medals is £2.00, for base plates it is £8.00, for flat awards it is £8.00 and for engraving on the curved body of a trophy it is £12.00. This fee is per engraved product, not per character. There is no fee for engraving a logo on any product, however there is a one-off origination or 'set-up' fee to prepare a new logo graphic in advance of engraving. If you have paid the logo origination fee on a previous order, logo engraving using the same logo is completely free of charge on subsequent orders.

Text Engraving

Almost all our trophies and awards will include at least one area suitable for engraving. These engraveable areas will be pointed out on each individual product page. For trophies, the body of the trophy cup can be engraved. Most trophy cups also allow for a separate plinthband that can be engraved.

Each product will have a limit to the number of characters you are able to engrave. This limit will be shown to you on the product page. If you require more text than the current limit allows, please Contact Us to see if we can squeeze in a few more characters. All reasonable requests will be considered.

To select a font for your engraving, simply choose a font from the drop-down box. We offer six different fonts by default, but if you would prefer a different font please contact us with details and we will try to accommodate your request.

Logo Engraving

We offer free engraving of logos for your awards and trophies. This includes corporate logos, club or society logos, local league emblems and sponsor logos. This offer may be subject to technical restrictions, but we believe that we can engrave - for free - all but the most complex logo designs. 

Logo Origination

While the actual engraving of logos is free, there is a one-off origination (set-up) fee to cover the cost of converting a logo graphic into a format suitable for engraving. The fee is only paid once per logo, as the origination work only needs to be done once. So if you are ordering more than one product with the same logo engraving, you only pay the origination fee once. If ordering multiples of the same product (eg. 10 x medal GM01), you only pay the origination fee once. If you are making a repeat or subsequent order using a logo that was originated for engraving on a previous order, you do not need to pay again.

Pre-August 2018 Customers - If you uploaded a logo to our old website (pre-August 2018), don't worry, we have copies of all logos used and you do not need to pay again for origination. Just use the 'Use Existing Logo' option when specifying your engraving choices, and enter a reference for us to identify you (eg company name, organisation name, previous order number, etc).

Quality of Logo Engraving

We believe there is no logo or graphic that we cannot engrave. Our origination service can take the poorest quality graphic, or the most complex logo image, and convert it into a format suitable for engraving. The examples below show some 'before and after' images of logo origination: