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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my trophy or award to arrive?
We aim to offer a Five Day Fulfilment system, which means that most items will be engraved and delivered within five working days of the order being placed. Most UK-based orders are fulfilled within this timeframe. However, some orders, for instance those with complex logo engraving, or delivery to the USA, may take longer. You will always be informed of any delay to your order.
Do I have to open an account to buy from you?
No, it is not necessary to open an account in order to purchase from us. However, if you require logo engraving then you will need to create an account. This is to allow us to store your logo details with your profile, and also to ensure that you will not be charged twice for the one-off origination fee for digitising your logo. We do advise all customers to create an account, simply because it makes it easier and quicker for you to checkout on subsequent visits. It also allows you to view previous orders. Please note that your personal data will only be used for processing and fulfilling your order - we operate a strict Privacy Policy and do not pass, sell, rent or otherwise distribute email addresses or other data to third parties.
Is it safe to pay online with my credit card?
Yes. Online payment on Awards-Trophies-Supplier is handled by SagePay, a leading provider of safe, secure online payment services. Your credit or debit card number and related data will only been seen by SagePay via their secure servers. To check whether the payment page is secure, look for the closed padlock symbol in the bottom left area of most Web browsers. Also the address line of the page will start with "https://..." (note the 's').
Are there any hidden costs during checkout?
No. We try to be as transparent as possible about our pricing policy. On the View Cart page, if you select your shipping destination country from the drop-down menu, the total price you see for the order is the total price you will pay. There are no further charges to be added during checkout.
Can I return items if I don't want them?
Under EU legislation, customers who purchase products online are entitled to a seven-day 'cooling off' period. Awards-Trophies-Supplier will actually refund or exchange a product bought on this Web site if it is returned in a resaleable condition within 28 days of purchase. However, please note that under the same EU legislation, goods that have been customised to a customers specification are exempt from the seven-day cooling off period. This includes engraved items. We will deal sympathetically with such cases on an individual basis. Please note also that any goods bought on this Web site that arrive in a damaged or imperfect condition will be refunded regardless of customisation - please see our Terms of Service for details.
Can you engrave any logo?
Yes. Awards-Trophies-Supplier can take any logo or design supplied by a customer and process it into a format suitable for engraving. We can supply a proof copy of the digitised logo graphic to you before committing it to the engravers. For fuller details of our logo engraving, with examples, please see the logo engraving section of our Engraving Services page. That page also includes examples of logo origination.
In what format does our logo have to be supplied?
Ideally, logos or designs to be engraved should be supplied in digital format such as JPEG, GIF, EPS or bitmap. We can take any graphic design and engrave it, but obviously the higher the quality of the original image then the better the quality of the engraving. You may also send your logo in print format, either through the post or faxed. For fuller details of logo engraving and origination, please see our engraving services page.
How much does logo engraving cost?
There is no charge for the engraving of a logo or graphic, regardless of how many products it is engraved onto; however, each new logo will need to be converted into a format suitable for engraving. This process is called 'origination' and there is a one-off fee of £30 for origination of logo graphics. Once your logo or graphic has been digitised, you do not need to pay this origination fee for subsequent orders.
Do you take orders from outside the UK?
Yes. Awards-Trophies-Supplier will accept orders from customers within the European Union, North America (Canada & USA), Australia and New Zealand. Customers from other locations should contact us in the first instance as we may be able to deliver to other countries on a case-by-case basis.

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